Deep Creek Lake

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Welcome to Deep Creek Lake!

We have included numerous links to organizations and websites that you may find useful as you enjoy this wonderful area of Western Maryland and Garrett County.

Deep Creek Lake & Maryland Links

The below links offer lake information. The Maryland web sites provide a treasure trove of information, but not all of it is current. We have attempted to provide for you the most up to date material possible.

Garrett County Webmaps

The County maintains an interactive mapping tool which can show a variety of data layers including tax parcels, zoning, critical facilities and more.

Economic Importance of Deep Creek Lake

The Garrett County Department of Economic Development has prepared a power point presentation which can viewed by clicking here. An updated report: “Economic Importance of Deep Creek Lake” March 2015, can be viewed here.

Deep Creek Watershed Compendium of Law

Click here to access this new Compendium of Law, a project conceived and directed by David Z. Myerberg, MD, JD, Chairman of the PRB and which the POA is happy to provide as a service for our members.  It serves as a source of all the laws that impact DCL.  One word of caution:  the Compendium is complete and accurate as of May 2014 and provides a host of URL references to the documents contained therein which should then provide the most current legal interpretation.  The Compendium contains the following acknowledgments:

In 2013, the Deep Creek Lake Policy and Review Board unanimously endorsed the production of this Compendium so that those with an interest in the Deep Creek Watershed will have a single, readable document to which they can refer when they try to understand the governing law of the watershed.  Secretary John Griffin of Maryland DNR wholeheartedly supported this Compendium and found funding to support the initial writing by Walton Shephard, now a lawyer practicing in WV.  This Compendium was subsequently supported by Secretary Griffin’s successor, Joseph Gill, Esq.

Several experienced and skilled Maryland public servants took many hours reviewing the initial draft document to assure its accuracy.  These included Jennifer Wazenski, Esq. and Matt Standeven, Esq. of the Maryland Attorney General’s office, John Nelson and Debbie Carpenter of the Garrett County Planning office and the Garrett County Attorney, Gorman E. Getty III, Esq.  The Policy and Review Board greatly appreciates the dedicated work of all these persons.

Hydrilla @ Deep Creek Lake

 With the discovery of Hydrilla in the southern coves in 2013, there has been an increasing interest in not only Hydrilla but also all of the grasses and weeds growing here. NALMS is a source that you can use – visit NALMS.

DNR has developed a comprehensive website that has all of the information they have released about the history of Hydrilla @ DCL and what is being done to control this weed. 

DNR has released some Q&A responses to Friends of Deep Creek Lake and this should be of interest to us all.

Garrett County Newsletter

The POA encourages members to access the County website and sign up for emails news from the county.  You can signup on the county’s website.